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About Us

We are Himalayan Fronteirs

We are a leading tours and treks operating company in Pokhara, the touristic capital and the most tempting city of the beautiful Republic of Nepal. Our Head office is located in northern Lakeside, about 10 minute drive away from Pokhara Airport and Pokhara Bus Park.Himalayan Frontiers Nepal is unrivalled in its integrity, reliability, quality and style. We take pride in being innovative and strive to offer a service that exceeds client expectations. 

Our team involves highly experienced and qualified trekking veterans who have been engaged in the exploration of various trekking and travel destinations within Nepal for last two decades. We cater for a range of adventure activities such as trekking, water rafting, wildlife safari, mountain biking, village tour, cultural tour, bird watching and peak climbing. 
Our motto for adventure in the Himalayas is ‘sustainable tourism through community based practice’. As we firmly believe in personalized service, we always design custom-tailored itineraries where our valued clients are not bound to take set programs. We now also offer lots of recently explored treks and package tours including high and soft adventure trips which will fulfill your desire to discover the wonder and the excitement of the Nepalese Himalayas and the inner secrets and mysteries of these fascinating lands, people and the culture.